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Welcome to our Residential Care Facility – a haven designed with your comfort, well-being, and peace of mind in mind. Our comprehensive amenities are crafted to provide a supportive and enriching   environment for all residents.

Perks You'd Never Get Living At Home

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The necessities and the entertainment

High speed internet, spaces to lounge and multiple tv's to watch.

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outdoor space

Stay active or lounge around. You always have a choice.

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Well equipped kitchen

Fall in love with the food we prepare and the always stocked pantries.

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provided transportation

Everyday chores made easier equals more time for living.

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outdoor area

A gathering place for the residents. A breath of fresh air.

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the little things

Scheduled daily activities. We keep it fun and busy... don't worry plenty of lounge time too.

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Furnished rooms

Every room comes furnished. A place for all your essentials.

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24/7 supervision

We take safety seriously t hrough our dedicated team.

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Do more, be more, experience more!


Everything to make you feel loved and at home.  From scheduled excursions, transportation to appointments, the coziness of a home and 24-hour care, we strive to provide it all. Your life is about to take a turn for the best —surrounded by friends, and oh-so busy!

Activities of Daily Living

24-hour supervision

Assistance with dressing

Assistance with bathing

Medication management

Assistance with transfers

Transportation arrangement (medical)

Meal Preparation

Flat Screen TV

Community Kitchen

Internet Access

Healthcare provider coordination Transportation to doctors appointments Semi-covered outdoor patio

Complete wheel-chair accessibility Backyard with secure walking trails

Game Boards

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I am so very pleased with the staff, surroundings, programs and activities at Safe Haven. My dad has never been more content in his entire life.

Elena Cruise

Family Member

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